An Overview of the Recent Projects of the Travancore Foundation and Their Features

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In the last few decades, the Indian family structure has undergone a massive transformation. Mushrooming of nuclear families is one of the major reasons for this change. In search of better education, jobs, and lifestyles, adults move from their hometowns to metropolitan cities.

They find it easy to relocate and adopt a new lifestyle, but this is not the same with their elderly parents due to attachments to their hometown. As a result, these elderly populations prefer to remain in their hometown while their children live in another city.

Initially, elders manage to live alone and do their chores, but as they reach the age of 65 years, the same chores seem burdensome to them. So, in order to provide the best care possible to your adoring elders, the Travancore foundation established luxury old age homes that deliver senior care solutions.

When elders first visit Travancore, they feel hesitant to adjust because of the different ambience. However, as they form lasting bonds with staff and other residents, they observe how everyone around them looks after them. It persuades the elders to accept Travancore wholeheartedly as their new home.

Travancore foundation and its mission and vision

When an individual decides to choose luxury old age homes for their elder member, many questions come into their mind-

● Does it give a home-like feel?

● Does it offer professional healthcare services?

● Does it have in-house entertainment activities?

● Does it provide both shared and individual room facilities?

● Does it have professional, friendly, and well-mannered staff?

● Does it provide healthy meals by fulfilling specific dietary requirements?

These are all legitimate requirements that every family considers before sending their elderly relatives to an old age home.

Hence to meet all of these needs, the Travancore Foundation was established on September 17, 2009, to provide person-centred quality care services to elderly members.

Considered one of the reliable and trustworthy old age homes in Kerala, Travancore believes each senior is unique, and so are their necessities. Therefore, they carefully address every senior’s needs in the best possible way.

Their dedicated team of physicians, nurses, dieticians, counsellors, helpers, and social workers are available round the clock to fulfil the basic to high care requirements of their senior residents.

In a nutshell, Travancore is working to accomplish its vision to nurture every elder life by providing them with a healthy and secure environment. It leads to Travancore, one of the reputable paid old age homes in Kerala that thinks beyond infrastructure and amenities.

Recent projects completed by the Travancore foundation

Travancore foundation plans a series of projects based on old age homes in Kerala to offer practical solutions to senior adults for their ultimate joy and comfort.

Here are 3 recent projects completed by Travancore to provide their residents with the finest living space and the supreme medical facility.

Mission valley

Mission Valley is a premium, specialised assisted living centre at Karukachal that delivers both short-term and long-term care for old adults.

They have trained their staff to understand adequate geriatric needs in order to manage in-house operations. They promise a blissful living for adult seniors with their tranquil and pleasing ambience.

Rahel Homes

Out of all the finest old age homes in KeralaRahel Homes is eligible for elders who prefer elegance and a sophisticated environment. With their best-in-class hospitality and healthcare services, Rahel Homes offer hassle-free luxurious living for elders in their golden years.

Vinewood Place

Vinewood Place is one of the largest paid old age homes in Kerala built with 230 residential units on 3.25 acres of land. It embraces seniors who struggle to live independently by providing comprehensive services while maintaining their dignity, autonomy, and safety.

Apart from senior care service providers, Travancore also initiates for the welfare of marginalised sections of society.

Charitable projects by the Travancore foundation to illuminate the life of underprivileged


The Travancore Foundation established the MITHRA charity wing to make a positive difference in society, As a companion of the needy, Travancore started these 3 charitable ventures to bolster the underprivileged community. 

Tarani: Girl child at risk

Tarani was formed for a noble deed to encourage deprived girls to aspire to education. They create opportunities for girls by providing them with bags, textbooks, stationery, uniform, hygiene products, etc. Their staff and volunteers offer free counselling to help girls improve their lives.

Sanjeevani: Hope for the aged

Sanjeevani is a charitable venture formed especially for those senior citizens suffering from mental and physical issues due to a dearth of basic items like food, clothes, and shelter.

Here they provide elders with proper food, clothes, and medicines to fulfil their basic requirements.

Subham: Critical life support

Subham is an initiative to help children aged 5 to 18 years suffering from viruses and infections. Under this program, experienced health care staff treat and evaluate the medical conditions of these children.

Hence, the Travancore Foundation has had a significant impact on the lives of many people through its charitable projects.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to providing care for your elders, there is no better place than Travancore paid old age homes in Kerala. Their facilities provide the finest care and services for their residents, allowing them to age in comfort and style.

Also, they have designed their luxury old age homes by keeping your loved ones in mind, providing a dignified environment where elders can receive the best care available without compromising their independence.

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