Dropispy: the best tool to find winning products

Marie C. Delgado

Dropispy is just one of many digital ad spying tools. Dropispy, an online ad-spy tool that is highly effective, is indeed one of the most popular.

We will be discussing the utility of ad surveillance tools and Dropispy in particular. Then, we’ll learn how to look for successful ads.

Adspy tool: meaning

Adspy tools are Web spy tools that accumulate countless ads and provide them to Dropshippers or e-merchants who are searching online for winning products.

Advertisers can use Adspy tools to quickly gather the data they need in order to create a marketing plan.

Ad spy tools are useful because they allow you to see the tactics and strategies of your competitors. You can also identify potential winners in their stores. Then, find out the niches where their advertisements are placed.

You will not be able to achieve great results with your Dropshipping business without an advanced quality ad-spy tool. 

We’ll be looking at one of several ad-spy tools. Let’s take a look at Dropispy.

The Dropispy’s ad spy tool

Once connected, you will automatically access the “ADS” section. This section lists tens or millions of ads from social media networks.

The default way the tool sorts ads is by “Last SEEN Date”.  

You can therefore filter and display only ads that interest you. You can do this by clicking on the “Filters” link.

On the screen, a filter window appears. This window is what allows us to do ultra-precise search in the advertising database.

The filters can be grouped in this window into various categories.

How to search for a successful ad 

You must follow certain steps when looking for ads on Dropispy. 

Here are some examples of relevant filters that could be used to address this issue:

  • Ad creation Date: Within the last 30 days
  • Media type for the ad: video format
  • Platform for Shopify
  • Call to Action/Call To Action (CTA): Shop now, get an offer, apply now
  • Between 250 and 2500 likes

After we have chosen the correct filters and launched the search, it’s possible to sort all the results. You can sort search results by creation date and last seen date.

By sorting search results by last seen date, you can see the most recent Facebook ads at the top.

We can sort the shares by hit to find an ad. They will only show the ads that have them. Therefore, the ads that went viral on Facebook will appear first (see image below).

You’re done! You are already a winner. Now you know how to create a successful Dropispy ad! Well done !


We learned the usefulness of the ad spy tools at the first level. However, it was crucial to learn how Dropispy works using the diverse filters.

Furthermore, the Dropispy tool requires you to use its filters in order to find winning ads. You can see that the filters are the key to the Dropispy ad-spy tool’s power.

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