Essential Tools To Consider For Seamless Reseller Hosting

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Reseller Hosting is a cost-efficient and hassle-free way to start a web hosting business. As a reseller, all you have to do is purchase resources from a parent web host and use them to create hosting plans for your clients. 

However, this requires a basic understanding of the web hosting landscape and some technical knowledge, too. Traditionally, running a Reseller Web Hosting business required high technical proficiency. 

However, today, there are tools to help you run and manage your services and establish the best Reseller Hosting business with ease. 

Today, we will discuss essential tools to help you establish the best Reseller Web Hosting business.

  • cPanel

While there are different types of reseller hosting plans available, a Linux reseller plan with cPanel as the control panel is the most popular. 

Also known as the cPanel Reseller Hosting plan, it allows you to get things done on the server without knowing how to code. The cPanel allows you to manage tasks like system maintenance, running backups, and evaluating disk space along with all the basic tasks with ease. 

Hence, if you are looking for a reseller plan with Linux as the operating system, look for one that offers cPanel as the control panel.

  • WHM

If you have opted for the best cPanel Reseller Hosting plan for your business, then you can use another tool along with cPanel called the Web Host Manager or WHM. 

It boosts the features of cPanel by increasing the control over numerous backend processes. Using WHM, you can create multiple cPanel accounts for your clients and manage various tasks with ease.


Designed for hosting resellers, the Web Host Manager Complete Solution can help you with billing and client management-related processes. 

It can help automate numerous processes and save time while increasing efficiency. As the name suggests, it helps in the comprehensive management of your reseller hosting business.

  • Chatbot

Chatbots are a boon to hosting resellers. They allow you to offer 24×7 customer support without having to invest in setting up a support team. 

Chatbots can have a conversation with your clients via various channels and provide templated responses to standard queries. While they might not be able to handle complex problems, your clients will be comfortable knowing that you have been informed and will respond soon.


This is a commercial script library that integrates easily with cPanel and various other control panels. It allows site owners to install open-source and free applications with a single click. 

With access to more than 417 apps and support for updates and backups, this is an essential tool in your toolkit as a hosting reseller.


While starting a reseller hosting business is easy, running and managing it requires handling various processes and tasks. 

With the right tools, these tasks can be managed effortlessly, allowing you more time to promote and market your services. The tools listed above are the most common ones used by many resellers. Make sure to take your pick based on your requirements.