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10 Common Startup Mistakes When Doing PR

Ronjini Joshua is the Founder and CEO of The Silver Telegram, Author and Host of The PR Playbook Podcast and The Inexperienced Area Podcast. getty There is a lot that goes into community relations systems guiding the scenes. The mindset of a productive PR practitioner is that of a strategist …

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How to handle complains on social media

Almost every business will, at some point or other, encounter complaints on social media. It’s inevitable as, no matter how hard we try, we can’t always please everyone! Whilst social media offers businesses the unique chance to engage with existing and potential customers, it also provides audiences with the opportunity …

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Total insurance losses from Laura, ida now over $20B, commisisoner says | Business

Hurricanes Laura and Ida has resulted in over $20 billion in insurance plan losses, insurance policies commissioner Jim Donelon stated. Speaking with Jan Swift on the Find out Lafayette podcast, Donelon reported some insurers in Louisiana have long gone bust as a outcome. The good thing is, the Louisiana Insurance …

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