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savings: Family finance: Sharma’s high savings will help him meet money goals with ease

Vivek Sharma stays with his homemaker wife, two youngsters aged 7 and 11, and his dad and mom, in their home in Delhi. His regular monthly salary is Rs.1.4 lakh and his portfolio is worth Rs.3.1 crore. This involves income of Rs.4 lakh, gold truly worth Rs.10 lakh, fairness funds …

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Employee-Generated Content: Tips To Inspire Interest

There never seems to be enough resources to execute all your killer content marketing ideas, does there? No matter how large and prolific your team of creators, how efficient your creative processes are, or how ample your outsourcing budget is, too many great content ideas are left on the drawing …

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Seven Steps To Turn Your Business Idea Into A Reality

There are lots of persons out there with goals of entrepreneurship. They probable have many small business suggestions, and they may well even be in a position to produce very clear visions for what those people firms will finally look like. Nonetheless, when it will come to turning people ideas …

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