QR Codes for Support Groups: How to Develop Instant Connections

Marie C. Delgado

According to research, there are over 500,000 support groups in the US. Each of these cater to different community needs and goals.

With the help of QR codes, these support groups can reach out to more people for any type of need. They can be posted on brochures, flyers, websites, and social media for interested people to scan and access helpful information.

These versatile squares can also be a more discreet form of sharing information to invite those who may be going through depression, have HIV/AIDS, a specific addiction, or sexual trauma.

They can simply scan the QR code and read it privately on their mobile phones.

If you’re working for a support group, a QR code generator online can help you create a customized campaign for your own community. Here are some examples on the best use cases of QR codes for support groups.

Print your QR codes on campaign materials

Putting QR codes on your marketing materials will effectively reach more people who really need your help.

You can post your QR code on social media and even include them on your emails. For printing, it’s highly recommended to download an SVG format of your QR code. SVG is well known for its scalable vector format, which can resize without losing quality. It’s ideal for high-quality images like your posters and other print ads.

New updates on your website

Now you won’t need to worry about updating your QR code, and reprinting your ads. With a dynamic QR code, you’re free to change the information behind it anytime you need.

For instance, you can just copy the URL of your modified webpage, then use your preferred QR code generator with logo software to change the data in your existing QR code.

On the other hand, a static QR code is a free QR code that will not allow you to change the URL. It can work if you simply want a straightforward QR code that leads scanners to your website.

But if you ever need to change anything or want to track the effectivity of your QR code campaigns, then dynamic QR codes are the best choice for you.

Scan to Sign-up: Contactless Registration

A lot of people joining support groups would want to remain discreet and anonymous. You can provide this option for them with a reservation QR code.

You can provide a URL QR code that leads to your website’s reservation page, or a Google Form link behind the printed square. When people scan the QR code, the page will instantly launch on their smartphones.

Make it easy for people to complete the registration, so you can help more individuals transform their lives.

If your Google Form is ready, copy the link and paste it into the QR code generator of your choice. To make your QR code stand out, customize it with your desired eyes, patterns, and colors. Just remember to avoid using lighter colors.

You can put a logo and call-to-action on the QR code’s frame to encourage people to scan it. You can be more creative and put, ‘Join Now’, or ‘Get Started.’

You can track responses to your Google Form by clicking the “response” button on the right side of the “questions” button. You can also check how many people scanned your QR code, what device they used, and the location of every scan.

With every scan, you’re not just helping existing members but also the people who badly need your guidance. Extend your lifeline for those battling mental health, alcohol addiction, social stigma, and many more.

You’ll only need to be creative in posting the codes where it’s easy to see, and more people will be able to reach out to you and join your current programs.

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