Why is Minea the Best Adspy Software?

Marie C. Delgado

In today’s ever-changing market, customers are looking for brands that offer what they need.

Observing how your competitors are doing it is key to sustaining eCommerce shops and increasing revenues. Social networking sites allow you to analyze advertisements and find out which competitors are best at what.

The most important thing to make your store a success in the long-term is choosing the right product. But how do you choose the right product? You can use tools such as Minea to assist you. Minea is a tool that helps you find the winning products and spy on successful retailers.

What is Minea?

Minea is an ad spy software that assists dropshippers in identifying the best products. Dropshippers consider product research their most difficult stage.

Marketing hype aside, a bad product won’t last long on the marketplace. It is important to understand the market dynamics and competitor strategies in order to find the best product.

Minea is able to assist you with this matter. The tool allows you to spy on the products of your competitors and gather valuable information. This information will allow you to decide which products to market to make your shop successful.

Minea also provides a Chrome extension for dropshippers. The Chrome extension for Minea makes it possible to access the tool on smartphones and tablets.

How does Minea differ from other Adspy Tools in these areas?

Minea stands out from other Adspy Tools because of a variety of unique features. Here are some of its most notable features.

·      Shop Spying

Minea also offers the Shop Spy feature that allows you to spy on competitor’s shops. This feature allows you to see your competitors’ marketing strategies, and gives insight into their products. This will enable you to learn from your competitors’ marketing strategies and make it easier to watch them.

If you have the exact same product, you can copy-paste the exact advertisement from any shop by using the Shop Spy feature.

Minea offers the ability to search shops by categories and view their Alexa rankings. This allows you to determine their overall performance. Shop Spy doesn’t just offer data. Shop Spy allows you to analyze the strategies of your competitors.

·      Advanced research features

Minea’s top features include its advanced search capabilities and filtering capabilities. You can search for ads related to your niche and interests.

A dropshipping project’s success depends on the availability of sufficient information. This can prove difficult. Minea’s extensive databases can be used to efficiently conduct extensive research.

It will let you know what is popular and what is not. Minea provides search filters to help you refine your results. You’ll be able to get the data you need much faster with Minea.

Minea’s advanced search capabilities and filtering options are far superior to those of other Adspy tools. You have many options to search results such as date, keywords, age, etc.

·      Very affordable price

Minea is also affordable, which makes it a better choice than other Ad spy tools. Minea Lite plans are free, but have limited features. It only provides 250 credits. If you need more credits, there are two options: a Starter and a Premium plan. Pricing for both the Premium plan and the Starter plan is different. 

The Premium plan is around €99, while Starter costs €49.

While the Starter plan comes with ten thousand credits, it can only be used for Facebook ads analysis. You should also consider the Premium plan if your goal is to also access Facebook, TikTok or Pinterest ads.

·      Influence Marketing

Minea’s influence marketing feature is another great one. This feature lets you see all placements made by influencers. You can access more than 300,000. Product placements via this tool on various social media platforms.

You can find amazing products in product placements that you won’t find on Facebook ads. It is therefore important to study them. You can also learn about top brands by using this feature.

You can sell trendy products by such brands. Additionally, you can find all influencers from different markets around the world.

Minea says that it has 12,000 influencers on its database and that the number of influencers will increase dramatically over the next few weeks.


Mining can help you to convert more customers, and grow your business. Minea can help you monitor the effectiveness of advertisements on social media.

Minea can be used to analyze Pinterest and TikTok ads, as well as other social media platforms. You can use it to find out which products get the most attention via major social media sites.

After registering, you’ll be able to use the Minea App. It has an easy-to-use interface that anyone can use to quickly find products.

You will find the search bar right above the main interface. If you are looking for a particular product, you can directly type in a keyword. Minea will display the latest ads published on various social media platforms by default.

Dropshipping ads can be limited by filtering. Minea has many great features and is one of our favorite tools.

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